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What Our Clients Says

I feel that it is important to contact you in regard to your personnel. Too often we only hear the bad. I have to say, and although I am not speaking for _____ I believe she would say the same, your drivers are outstanding. Over the course of several days, we had four separate drivers come to our house between the barn and the chicken coop. Each one was very pleasant and extremely helpful. Before going into Law Enforcement I too drove, as did most of my family, and to find four separate drivers in todays day and age that actually seem like they enjoy their job and enjoy meeting and interacting with people is rare. Yet with each driver our experience was excellent. From Vernon, who was extremely helpful with where to put the pieces that would make it easier for the crew and crane, to Clint who was friendly and willing to explain what to expect, to Mike, who worked through the rain to set the two bottom pieces on his own, and finally Ernie, who assured us that bringing the Coop all the way around the house to its resting spot was no big deal. Great guys, every one of them.

Then the work crew arrived. They were a little more reserved, they had a job to do and got right to it. This by no means is a bad thing. As is normal, myself and_______ had questions along the way and the crew was excellent in addressing our concerns. I was amazed at the work that they did on the barn, working through the rain and wind. As the work was complete then it was time to interact. Walking us through the barn, making sure there were no issues, and just having a conversation with us. Again outstanding.

Hate to say it but in my line I usually am a tough judge of people and companies, and yet at the end of our experience, I would recommend your company to anybody and everybody

Another Satisfied Customer